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Hawthorn Physician Services Corporation is a privately-owned, nationally-recognized healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) company. In our role as RCM specialists we help medical practices reach their business goals by improving their net collections of medical claims.

Hawthorn was established in 1978 and has operated under the same ownership for over 35 years. Since 2001 we have been governed by a Corporate Compliance Plan created under the direction of a nationally recognized healthcare law firm.¹

We are staffed with over 120 trained, certified and tenured professionals and specialists.

  • We are ranked among the Top 100 revenue cycle management (RCM) companies in the United States by HBMA.²
  • We are recognized as among the Top 10 percent of all RCM companies in the U.S. based on volumes administered.³
  • We are contracted by more than 200 physicians in Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and the District of Columbia.
  • We are responsible for more than $200 million in annual gross physician billings, 1.5 million claims and 1.2 million annual patient statements.

Additionally, Hawthorn maintains a wide range of valuable business and professional contacts among hospital-based physician practices, reimbursement agencies and RCM trade organizations.

¹Bryan Cave, LLP, St. Louis, Missouri
²Healthcare Billing and Management Association
³Wallingford Capital, Washington, DC

A message from our CEO

We’re proud of our record of service to physicians and practice managers, and we can help you overcome the negative effects of a complex and changing healthcare industry. We’ll pursue your claims relentlessly and convert your medical services to cash—and we’ll deliver these benefits with the highest levels of integrity, accountability and security. 

~ Alan Dombrowski, Chief Executive Officer