Our Promises Addressing Complexity with Certainty


Outside pressures are demanding more time and attention from physicians—and the trend is toward increasing complexity. At Hawthorn we are physician advocates, and we have the knowledge and experience to address complexity with certainty.

Our approach to revenue cycle management is based on a value creation system we call The Hawthorn Advantage—a set of benefits and promises to which we hold ourselves accountable in every client relationship.

The Hawthorn Advantage is built on two professional platforms that produce incremental value for hospital-based physician practices.

Professional Management. Hawthorn’s Professional Management Platform defines our principles and promises—our assets and actions. We have high expectations of ourselves and we have spelled out what others can expect of us.


Professional Advocacy. The Professional Advocacy Platform describes our approach to responsive oversight in behalf of physicians. This set of value-added professional services improves the overall performance of our client practices.


By fulfilling the promises of these platforms we deliver The Hawthorn Advantage—a professional approach for addressing complexity with certainty. Please visit the tabs for Professional Management and Professional Advocacy to review our promises in more detail.