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Improving Cash Flow for Your Emergency Department

You rely on the performance metrics of your emergency department practice to create work schedules, compensate providers and meet quality standards. Hawthorn understands the emergency medicine business model and has developed superior reporting systems for maximizing reimbursements and improving cash flow.

  • Our emergency specialty team is staffed with team members that work exclusively with emergency medicine clients.
  • Our detailed reports track the performance of individual physicians and the financial health of the practice.
  • Our software identifies denials by type—for coding issues, demographic issues and claims filing issues.
  • We maintain records of your performance year over year, so we can identify trends and support your long-term success.

Our experienced team members will accelerate revenue recovery, minimize redundant processes and reduce bad debt.

In the Words of Our Emergency Medicine Team Members

We provide both electronic and clerical oversight of visits. For each day of visits we collect the number of visits, the billable visits posted, non-emergency department visits, incomplete records and patients that left without treatment. Unbilled visits are not charged, because our fees are based on a percentage of collections.

We load the fee schedules for contracted payers into our billing system. We can track the accuracy of each payment and follow up as necessary. If a reimbursement amount is incorrect we generate an exception report and contact the carrier to pursue the correct amount.

Our claims are filed clean to the payers. We use the payers’ websites and on-line accounts to track claim status, appeals and ERAs (electronic remittance advice).

We know it can be a struggle to maximize reimbursements and maintain positive cash flow, and we want to help. If you are ready to maximize your reimbursements and improve your cash flow, consider Hawthorn as your partner for revenue cycle management.

Please contact us and let us know how we can help