Our Services Comprehensive Billing and Management Services


At Hawthorn Physician Services our goal is to help our clients navigate a complex third-party healthcare reimbursement system—a goal that comes with a promise for Addressing Complexity with Certainty. We support our promise by taking a direct, hands-on approach to every step of revenue cycle management (RCM).

Hawthorn provides comprehensive billing and management services, including all billing activity from initial bill date to final resolution.



  • Interfacing with existing client information processing systems
  • Coding interventions to identify treatments and procedures
  • Conducting internal audits to verify all client documents received
  • Monitoring payment intervals and managing underpaid claims
  • Capturing and reviewing information to generate medical claims
  • Editing information to conform with guidelines of claims payers
  • Maintaining files of patient records and patient billing information
  • Filing all patient medical claims automatically and sequentially
  • Installing and maintaining electronic claims submission systems
  • Preserving confidentiality and controlling the security of information
  • Transferring liability for unpaid balances from payers to patients
  • Automatically researching and re-filing all unpaid medical claims
  • Reporting aged summary of open claims by individual payers
  • Depositing and posting cash receipts for all payments received
  • Identifying and reporting overpayments and managing refunds
  • Preparing patient statements and issuing pre-collection notices
  • Managing patient telephone inquiries and follow up contacts
  • Preparing and forwarding management and operations reports


We understand the linkage among people, information and systems, and our professional services produce specific, tangible benefits, including sustained cash flow, maximized reimbursements, improved liquidity, increased profitability and assured compliance.

A message from our Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Our processes are not only more efficient, they also generate big-picture data with insights about emerging trends—what’s working, what’s not working, who’s paying and who’s not paying—valuable information that physicians and practice managers can use to develop strategies for continuous improvement.

~ Shelly Bangert, Director Revenue Cycle Management