Pathology PracticesAchieving Better Results for Path Practices


Gaining a Competitive Edge for Your Path Practice

Your pathology practice is facing increased competition and constant scrutiny. Hawthorn will help defend your practice against the threats of change, complexity and competition—and you’ll see better results with less worry.

  • We are specialized to serve pathologists, and we collect both clinical and surgical charges.
  • We help pathologists transition to value-based care, and we mitigate the risk of non-compliance.
  • We improve financial performance by holding payers accountable for contracted pay amounts.
  • We place fewer bad debts with collection agencies and deliver more profit to your bottom line.

With Hawthorn your practice will benefit from sustained cash flow, improved liquidity and assured compliance.

In the Words of Our Pathology Team Members

My team works only with pathology claims, so we understand the pathology procedures that create the claims. We even know the preferences of individual pathologists within practices.
–Mary M., Pathology Practice Revenue Cycle Director

Several team members are assigned to work rejected claims daily. We manage rejection reports, correct the rejected claims and send them back the same day. That’s how we hold payers accountable for their contracted pay amounts.
--Jack L., Pathology Practice Report Manager

We track every claim, no matter how small. In fact, with pathology claims our average billing amounts fall in a range between $60 and $400, and we chase those claims every day. We simply retain claims longer and work them harder.
--Sara P., Pathology Practice Claims Specialist

Your partnership with Hawthorn brings peace of mind. We take the stress out of revenue cycle management, so you don't have to worry about maximizing reimbusements, improving cash flow and staying ahead of your competitors. If you're ready for better results, we're here to help. Call on us to boost your performance with our worry-free revenue cycle management services.

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