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Boosting the Bottom Line for Your Radiology Practice

Your practice generates revenue through a national third-party reimbursement structure that is complex and difficult to navigate. Hawthorn tackles the complexity of third-party reimbursement with a turn-key solution for revenue cycle management. We take direct action to increase your top line revenue and deliver bottom line profit.

  • We are specialized to serve radiology practices with proven procedures, accurate tracking and daily follow up.
  • We understand the patient issues and medical necessities that create claims for radiology procedures.
  • We assure faster payments by filing all patient medical claims accurately, automatically, sequentially and immediately.
  • We hold payers accountable for their contracted pay amounts and collect what you are due to be paid.

As your partner in revenue cycle management, Hawthorn will deliver professional management, personal service and faster reimbursements. You'll see imroved cash flow and more profit.

In the Words of Our Radiology Team Members

Our staff training is excellent, and it produces outstanding results for individual performance. Additionally, we audit our team members every quarter, and we expect audit scores of 95% or better. Employees that score below 95% are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Hawthorn’s quality assurance review policy.
--Rick B., Radiology Team Trainer

I’ve been working for years with many of the same third-party carriers, like Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Medicaid and Medicare. I understand their procedures and I know how to follow their appeals processes when I pursue payments. I know the specific contacts I can call to resolve problems.
–Anne S., Radiology Team Appeals Specialist

My team receives daily status reports for claims, and we match the report information with patient demographics. We verify the CPT-4 and ICD-10 codes immediately, which minimizes turnaround time, so we can send claims to carriers within 48 hours.
--Ken B., Radiology Team Reports Manager

We know it is difficult to consider changing your system when it is the source of your practice revenue, and we have developed a proven process for minimizing disruptions while maximiing results. Call on us if you are ready to accelerate your revenue recovery, reduce bad debt and drive more profit to your bottom line.

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